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Search Engine Consultants

SEO consultants are those professionals who analyze market competition and digital assets in the context of Google’s search engine algorithm. They use their experience and in-depth knowledge of search marketing, combined with data analysis, to uncover hidden opportunities and potential pitfalls related to SEO.

Their job is a complex one, requiring a multidisciplinary, integrative and holistic approach that requires a deep and sophisticated understanding of numerous marketing channels, technologies, and more.

Based on findings, our SEO consultants provide our clients with tangible, actionable and well-defined plans and strategies for taking their SEO campaigns to the next level.

Our search engine consultants are tactical, integrative, analytic and strategic, meticulously and diligently planning high-impact SEO strategies that move the needle on the KPIs that matter most to our clients.

Our High-Impact SEO Consulting Services Covers

Marketing Objectives: Detailed overview, analysis and definition of SEO’s relationship to the client’s marketing objectives.
Holistic Strategy: Conceptualizing and drafting an SEO strategy that addresses the client’s position in the market, competitive digital landscape, niche/vertical, objectives, goals, budget and timeline.
Competitive Analysis: Deep dive on key competitors to uncover strategic advantages and opportunities to employ tactics currently being rewarded by Google, while avoiding those that aren’t.
Web Page / On-Page Optimization Plan: Comprehensive analysis of on-page factors including but not limited to technical SEO elements, coding, performance, security, content, user experience and more.
Off-Page SEO Strategy: Off-page strategy encompassing brand visibility, outreach, link acquisition and more.
Keyword Research: Discovery of unique opportunities to deposition the competition, including “quick wins” as well as medium and long-term keyword targeting to hit desired search objectives over time.
Content Planning and Mapping: Utilizing discoveries from keyword research, plan and map content targeting, priorities, publication schedules, distribution, promotion and more.
Website Audit: Identification of any website performance and user experience issues, as well as the diagnosis of underlying causes and prescribed remedies.
Industry Trends and Forecasting: Ability to identify and plan for industry cycles, trends, and future potential risks or opportunities, baking these considerations into deliverables.

Benefits of Search Engine Consulting

As a business owner, you have enough to deal with on your plate without having to become an expert in yet another, highly technical and nuanced field. SEO is a marketing channel that is constantly evolving with Google rolling out hundreds of micro-updates and multiple core algorithm updates yearly.

Working with an SEO consultant means that your brand will always be on the bleeding edge of what is working on Google today. An SEO consultant can help you formulate a plan that is expertly designed to meet or exceed expectations and KPIs on time and on budget, reducing risk and positioning your business for success.

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