Online Reputation Management

Don’t Let Negative Review or Press Tarnish your Brand

In 2020 and beyond nothing matters more than your brand’s reputation. Online reputation management services allow you to take back control of your company’s image and narrative, making sure the impression you leave on new and existing customers is memorable for all the right reasons.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Businesses big or small are at risk of having their reputation tarnished by a disgruntled employee, unreasonable customer, or even by competitors looking to sabotage their image online. Online reputation management is a discipline that combines SEO, marketing, press, media, and risk, and crisis management to ensure your company is protected from damaging negative information online.

Defensive and Offensive ORM

Defensive ORM
Remember when your coach told you in Highschool that the best offense was a strong defense? The same holds true for your company’s reputation.
Too often brands wait until a problem rears its ugly head. At that point, its already too late, the cat is out of the bag so to speak. However, savvy brands take a defensive approach to their reputation, working with Chicago SEO Consultants to proactively dominate the search engine results with digital assets that make their company look good.

In the event that negative press appears, it is easily pushed out of view or lost in a sea of positive company attributes.

As part of our comprehensive online reputation management service, we provide monitoring across the web, ensuring that we can quickly and easily identify when, what and how people are talking about your brand, products, services, employees and more. This allows us to take immediate action when needed, often resolving small issues before they become a major PR nightmare.

Offensive ORM
PR issues can quickly take on a life of their own if not dealt with expeditiously. This is especially true in our digital age when a simple post can go viral on the right channels. Our emergency response team can spring into action quickly, taking the offense and working to burry or remove unwanted information.

Online Reputation Management Service (ORM)

Bury Negative Publications
Damage from negative press and reviews can cause immeasurable damage to your brand, from reduced sales and conversion rates across all of your marketing channels, to loss of existing customers and a forever-tarnished reputation.

Don’t let a few disgruntled individuals or publications control your company’s destiny. Work with us and we’ll push negative content out of sight on Google.

Types of Content we Can Make Less Visible or Get Removed:

  • Unflattering news or blog articles
  • Negative reviews
  • Customer complaints
  • Civil legal documents
  • Criminal legal proceedings
  • “Attack” sites
  • Public forums
  • Unwanted videos or pictures
  • Mugshots
  • And more…

Promote Your Story Your Way

We take everything that is good about your brand and make sure that it is what people see when they type in you or your company’s name online.

Examples of Positive Content Include:

  • Positive customer reviews
  • Partnerships
  • Features and benefits
  • Unique selling propositions
  • Case studies
  • Charity work
  • Professional achievements or milestones
  • And more…

We leverage the above information to populate search engine results with the information that best represents your brand in a positive light and tells your company’s story the way you want to.

We help you take back control of your brand’s narrative by leveraging:

  • High ranking websites
  • Social platforms
  • Press and media
  • Blogs
  • Video and podcasts
  • And more…

Chicago’s Leading Online Reputation Management Agency

As an authority in the realm of ORM, Chicago SEO Consultant is one of the area’s most sought after agencies for brand protection, defense, and remediation.

Reach out today to learn more about our innovative approach to protecting your brand. We’d love to learn more about how we can help.